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Restaurant IPM Programs


IPM Progtams

At D & D Pest Control Co, our restaurant Integrated Pest Management Program is best described as a “partnership” with the core of our program centering on the basics. “Working together so we can secure and maintain a pest free environment”.

Our successful restaurant pest management program centers on a few simple, yet important points.

• Sanitation Inspections
• Communication
• Exclusion and Insect Monitoring
• Diligence and Rapid follow ups

Inspections are not only essential for identifying pest hotspots and harborage sites, but also to reveal improper housekeeping practices and faulty structural issues that prove conducive for pest development. Once housekeeping and structural issues have been identified and corrected, our collective jobs become appreciably easier.

For Restaurants and food service establishments , call D & D Pest Control Co. today, and discover how we can assist you with your pest control needs.

Our Services include:

  • Complete interior treatment
  • Exterior Treatment
  • Drop ceiling treatment
  • Fly Control – Ceiling upper wall treatment
  • Insect monitoring – Glue traps
  • Sanitation reports
  • Follow ups until infestation is under control.


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